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Born in Buenos Aires, specialist in comedy and directing actors, with a vast experience and recognition .

After a few years in newspaper journalism, in the mid -'90s he debuted as director in the spots advertising and since then he has directed commercial which gave him recognition and international prestige. Since the beginning of his career he receives awards from the festivals of Cannes, Clio, and New York, among others. In 2000 he was elected as the best director from the US Hispanic Market.

At the beginning of 2010 gets the Grand Prix at the Festival Ibero Americano de la Publicidad (FIAP) and the Martín Fierro and Lápiz de Platino, standing out as one of the most awarded of Latin America. In 2014, his commercials for T&C Sports get 1 Silver Lion and1 Golden Sun at the festivals of Cannes and San Sebastian, respectively. Under the name of “Dr+Sz” usually go in pair with a guest conductor.

And now in 2019 he joins to the family of CASABIERTA productions.