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adrián caetano

Adrián Caetano, cinema and TV film director and screenplay writer, was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, on December 20, 1969. A few years later he moved to Córdoba, Argentina. In 1992, he shot his first short, “Visite Carlos Paz”.

He chose films as a language of freedom, as a place where to reflect life without beating around the bush.

His first multi-award winning feature, “PIZZA, BIRRA Y FASO” (Pizza, Beer, and Cigarettes), became a milestone in his career.

With “BOLIVIA” Caetano achieves international recognition. In 2002 he directs “UN OSO ROJO” (A RED BEAR), his third feature film. That same year he makes his debut on TV with the miniseries of the year, “TUMBEROS” (TOMBERS), which lends him a MARTIN FIERRO as Best Director. 

In 2003, he directs “DISPUTAS” (Catfight); in 2006 he competes for the PALME D’OR in CANNES Film Festival with “CRONICA DE UNA FUGA” (Chronicle of an Escape). He receives an Honorable Mention at San Sebastián 2009 Festival, for latino horizons for FRANCE.

In recent years Caetano directed several successes such as “El Marginal”, “Sandro de América”, from which he received a MARTIN FIERRO for Best Director and “Apache”, which is currently on the NETFLIX platform.

Caetano chooses to work with and for the people.  All his projects are about a genuine focus on valuing human over material aspects. That’s why he decides to join CASABIERTA Producciones team, where his footprint is synonym for professionalism, low-profile and experience.